The thin ice

Sometimes, I feel that books, movies, or even songs that were written years ago still resonate with the state of the world today. I was listening to The Wall by Pink Floyd, and for some reason this song really caught

[Portfolio] Ditch every idea

Laser-etched lettering on a cork coaster. 2021Final version of the lettering used for the projectA custom alphabet developed specifically for this project

Ditch every idea

Back in January, I took a workshop called "Mix and Match: Calligraphy and Lettering as Design Tools" taught by Aline Kaori and Gui Menga. It was split into 4 sessions, 2 per week over 2 weeks. What appealed to me

Callivember 2020

In November I participated in a calligraphy/lettering challenge. A list of 30 words was provided, one for each day. I did most of the prompts a day or two ahead of time, since there is not much daylight in