Winter poem

I have long been fascinated by the “Butterfly, Marine Mollusk, and Pear” page, which was created by Joris Hoefnagel and Georg Bocskay in mid-16th century. Source: The J. Paul Getty Museum I wanted to create my own piece of calligraphy

My heart is in the work

When I was at the Cheerio workshop, there was one exercise that I did not finish. I had started working on a quote done in a pointed brush, but I simply ran out of time. This is what it looked

Insular adventures

Inspired by my summer class on Uncials, I decided to apply the same approach of studying manuscripts carefully, and coming up with a hand that is grounded in history, and yet not archaic, to learning some insular majuscule. The Book

[Portfolio 2019-10] Romans

Book made in the Roman Capitals workshop with John Stevens at Cheerio. Front cover. 3" brush capitals. 14x17". 2019Left: Unfinished pointed brush letters. Right: 1/2" monoline letters in a block of text. Left: Pattern of Rs. Right: Spacing exercise.

Roman capitals with John Stevens

In October, I went to Cheerio for the first time to take a workshop with John Stevens on Roman capitals. First of all, I would like to point out that Camp Cheerio is in a beautiful place, and the view