About me

My name is Anna, and I live in Seattle.

I am a perfectionist, and so I frequently find myself not publishing things because I think they are not as good as I would like them to be. In fact, as I am writing this blog, I constantly find myself writing a sentence, then erasing it, and then trying to write it in a better way many-many times.

First impressions matter a lot, so whatever I say here should be perfect, right? Or not.

What I have found so far is that trying too many times but not producing a result hasn't gotten me anywhere, so this is going to be an imperfect blog :)

I am a calligrapher and a letterer, so I enjoy all things related to writing and typography. I probably have more writing instruments in my house than all the students of a small school taken together. I like exploring new concepts and breaking the rules, but I make sure that I know the rules before I break them.

I enjoy tinkering with things and making occasional forays into the world of graphic design, going to conferences and workshops, and taking classes. I tend to have strong opinions about every design that I see, and I always try to analyze where those opinions are coming from and whether they are fair.