Last, fast or fart?

I was staying at a boutique hotel in Cambridge, MA. It was all nice and cozy, and there were some elegant flyers on my bed when I arrived. I was browsing through them idly, and then... and then I saw this one.

I've shown it to several people, and they all read it as "the last lane". When I first saw it, I thought it said "the fart lane". I guess the latter just goes to show how tuned my mind is to seeing awful things :D

However, no matter what word you see, it is still really hard to figure out what the flyer is supposed to say, since a lot of letters are very similar, and can be confused when taken out of context.

Below is an image where I put together all three words, "last", "fast", and "fart".

If you look at them carefully side by side, you can see the difference and figure out which one is which, but if you see them in the wild, you can never be quite sure.

This confusion could have been prevented quite easily by picking a more legible typeface, or by showing the final design to some people and seeing if they can read it correctly.