Teavana's new labels

At the end of last year, the local Teavana store got a major facelift. Now the teas are no longer hidden behind the register, but can instead be browsed by buyers. I am assuming that similar changes are happening across

Material matters

Signs of all sorts surround us. Some are good and clear, such as most of street signs, while others can be hard to read and confusing. However, typography is not the only thing that makes a good sign. It is

Last, fast or fart?

I was staying at a boutique hotel in Cambridge, MA. It was all nice and cozy, and there were some elegant flyers on my bed when I arrived. I was browsing through them idly, and then... and then I saw

License plate legibility

Every time I traveled to California, I would always look at the license plates and think to myself: "Yikes, this typeface is so ugly!" Of course, it would be unfair just to say that something is ugly, so