Taking a break from blogging

In September of last year, I decided to publish something on my blog every week. It's been 28 weeks, and I have 28 posts here. Sometimes, I had to change the day of the post, or publish multiple ones in one week to catch up, but I've stayed on top of things.

Last week, I was really busy working on my class assignment, and didn't have a post ready to publish. I put it off from Thursday to Friday, then to Saturday, then to Sunday... and then I realized I had started too many projects, and simply didn't have time to do everything.

It is by no means an easy choice to decide to put a pause on any of my commitments. However, if I focus on fewer projects for some time, and actually finish them, I will have time to continue working on the rest.

When I sat down to list all the projects that I have in flight right now, I counted at least 8, and I am pretty sure I am missing something. Those projects are something that I do outside of my full-time job, of course. It's a lot of stuff, and I haven't been well-organized about it lately, letting things pile up like that.

I will be taking a one-month break on my blog, and I will be back on April 7th with a new post. Stay tuned, and don't let yourself over-commit and get bogged down!