Fear mediocrity

I don't quite remember where I saw this person, but I saw someone wearing a T-shirt that said:

Don't fear failure, fear mediocrity.

I really liked this quote. Apparently, it's attributed to a bodybuilder, and I wasn't able to find any other sources. It rings so true I am surprised nobody came up with it before. In any case, I decided it was time to write out this quote.

I was studying Versals at the time, so naturally I wanted to try them out.

I immediately liked the layout I came up with, so I didn't do much further experimentation.

I even wrote it out decently on the first attempt, albeit in a size that was waaay to small:

It took quite a bit of practice to get decent letter shapes in a larger size. I was so unimpressed with my progress that I almost trashed the drafts, but then decided to keep them anyway. It's a good thing to be able to look at your old work and realize where it could be improved. It's even better if you can make newer work better!

There is one place where I cheated: the crossbars in F, E and A are all supposed to be at different heights. However, when I did them "the right way", it looked distracting, so I adjusted them all to be at the same height.

Surprisingly, I was quite happy with the final version, even with the ink blob that I completely accidentally got on "failure".

In fact, I liked it so much that I created a digital version. Let me know if you'd like a T-shirt or a mug with that :)