#5DayDraw Challenge

My friend invited me to participate in a five day drawing challenge. The point of the challenge is to create one drawing (or something more complex) every day based on the assignment. The topic of this one was Diversify your drawing.

Day 1: Draw distorted human proportions

When I saw this assignment, I immediately thought of Barbie dolls with their extremely long legs. Needless to say, my image reflects a similar distortion.

Day 2: Draw on rocks

The second assignment just said to draw whatever on pebbles, and recommended to use oil-based markers. Those are some of the foulest-smelling art instruments that I own!

Here is a floral / abstract pattern combination that I created.

Day 3: Draw a mythical creature

This one was actually really neat: there were three lists of ordinary animals, and I had to roll three 6-sided dice, one for each list, to create a combination that I would be drawing. Mine turned out to be "beetle-crab-tiger".

Day 4: Use a found object in drawing

Finding cool objects is hard! However, I was extremely lucky: I spotted this little cable holder on my desk at work, and I knew immediately that is was a bird's beak.

Day 5: Make a "jumping jack"

The final task was a bit of a killer. Sadly, it wasn't explained very well, and since I had never made a jumping jack before, it took more time and effort than I really wanted to spend. Regardless, the day is over, and I am done with it. The static image is below. The animated version can be found here (I didn't want to put it directly in the blog since it is, well, moving, and would be really distracting).

I had a lot of fun making all of these, but the bird from day 4 is my favorite.