#5DayDraw Challenge: Different Ways to Draw

Since the previous challenge was so much fun, I decided to do another one. This time, the topic was "Different Ways to Draw". What exactly does that mean? As I found out, a lot of crazy things!

Day 1: Draw on a discarded paper item

I had to find a discarded paper item, such as a paper cup, or center of toilet paper roll, and draw on it.

I happened to run out of paper towels on that day, so the item was easy to find. Here is what I drew on it:

Day 2: Pick a culture and draw in that style

There was a list of cultures to pick from (essentially, any well-known world culture). I chose Thai, since I was not too familiar with it, and wanted a bit of a challenge. I did some research to figure out what traditional Thai art looks like, and then I made this image:

Day 3: Draw on a discarded non-paper item

I feel like this challenge was a bit of a let-down. Sure, drawing on weird stuff is fun sometimes, but not twice in a week! Anyway, I just happened to have this burnt-out lightbulb, and there was only really one thing that it reminded me of:

Day 4: Create a surrealistic drawing

This was my favorite assignment from this set. I had to pick a sailboat, an elephant, a skull or a ballet dancer, and draw my subject in a surrealistic way. Immediately, my mind went to Galatea of the Spheres, and after a couple hours of battling with 2-point perspective Elephant of the Cubes was born :)

Day 5: Draw a mask in any style

I don't really have much to say about this challenge. I wanted to make a fancy low-poly mask and draw something on it, but then I looked at how much work it would take to assemble that, and decided to go for something simpler.

I've already arranged the date for the next challenge with my friend, so I have something fun to look forward to :)