#5DayDraw Challenge: Communicating Through Drawing

Now that I am officially done with my class, it is time for a drawing challenge!

Hand-letter each of the letterforms as a living creature

For this challenge, I had a choice of several words. I picked "garden":

Collaborative drawing: take turns to draw until the paper is filled

I did this one with a friend. We sat down together at her desk and drew the outlines. Then we colored the whole piece. Can you guess which parts are mine? :)

This was much more fun than I thought it would be. And it didn't end up looking lame, which was my other concern.

Draw an idiom without using words or letters

Can you guess which idiom it is? If you are not a native English speaker, you may not have heard this one.

Hint: it is quite literal.

Hand-letter a note to a friend

The actual challenge was a bit different. It said I need to make 5 notes, put them in secret places, and then photograph the reactions of my friends as they find those notes. This is a bit too crazy for one day, don't you think?

So my friend and I decided that we are going to make one note each, and not hide them anywhere.

Make a drawing in a book that is based on the story contained in it

I have to admit, this was my least favorite part of this challenge.

First of all, I don't feel good about ruining books. Then, the instructions said to apply white pastel to the page to make the text stand out a bit less. That kind of worked, but then my markers would not work on top of that.

Most importantly, I realized that I'm not so good at drawing specific characters, and that I don't really have a clear idea of what this one looks like.

In the end, I figured I'll put it here for completeness, but I don't feel particularly proud about this one ;)

Next week I will be at the International Calligraphy Conference, and I am hoping to have some cool stuff to post by Thursday.