Assignment #3: Expression poster (Part 1)

The next assignment for my class is a two-week project. The goal is to create a poster that promotes a song by "capturing the essence of that song typographically". The constraints are as follows: Only text should be

Chaika: Cyrillic typeface

One day I was browsing Lebedev's "business lynch" web-site, and came across somebody's question about the font used in the Chaika sewing machine logo. The verdict of the person who had looked at it ran along the lines

Material matters

Signs of all sorts surround us. Some are good and clear, such as most of street signs, while others can be hard to read and confusing. However, typography is not the only thing that makes a good sign. It is

Cannot unsee

One of my friends recently linked me to this XKCD comic since I have been complaining about kerning lately. The best part is this is actually pretty close to the truth. Once you learn to see bad kerning, it becomes

Last, fast or fart?

I was staying at a boutique hotel in Cambridge, MA. It was all nice and cozy, and there were some elegant flyers on my bed when I arrived. I was browsing through them idly, and then... and then I saw

The importance of space

One of the most commonly overlooked things in typography is, as you may have guessed by the title of this post, spacing. There are two key terms, kerning and letter spacing that come into play here. The difference is that