Just make them different

When two different designs or products look too similar, they invariably end up confusing users. Sometimes, it could be two different brands. Or two devices that have different purposes. Or walls that look too much like whiteboards. My example today

On the direction of light

One of the most fundamental principles of creating a three-dimensional scene is to establish the direction of light. In a complex composition, there may be multiple light sources, and some objects may be obscured by one another, but today I

It's Automatic!

Last time I stayed at a hotel, I noticed that the clock on the iHome device on the bedside cabinet was showing the wrong time. It wasn't just off by a couple minutes: it said "12:31 PM"

Car temperature controls

I have driven quite a few different cars, mostly rentals, and on many occasions I found myself frustrated with the temperature controls. Until very recently, almost all cars had the same type of temperature controls, as illustrated below with the

Figuring out Ford Focus

I went on a trip to California last year and ended up renting a car. They didn't give me much choice over which car I would have (barring the unreasonably priced options), so I ended up with a 2013 Ford

Not meant to be together

In my previous posts, I've complained about individual signs. That's not because I think all the signs are bad - quite the contrary, there are a lot of them that I like. There is usually also just one or two

Last, fast or fart?

I was staying at a boutique hotel in Cambridge, MA. It was all nice and cozy, and there were some elegant flyers on my bed when I arrived. I was browsing through them idly, and then... and then I saw